With joint organization of the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of ANAS and Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University the International Conference “Modern Problems of Mathematics and Mechanics” dedicated to the 110-th anniversary of the academician Ibrahim Ibrahimov is organized.
The Conference will be held on 29 June-01 July, 2022 in Baku.
The Conference languages: Azerbaijani, english, russian.
We invite you to participate in the Conference.

About Academician I. Ibrahimov

It is 110 years since the birth of Ibrahim Ibish oglu Ibrahimov, the founder of the school of “Function theory”, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, honoured scientist, academician. In 1935 Ibrahim Ibrahimov graduated from Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, in 1936 he was admitted to graduate school and sent to Moscow on a professional trip. In 1939 supervised by the outstanding mathematician A.O.Gelfond, he defended candidate of sciences degree, in 1947 the doctor’s degree dissertation. He is the first Azerbaijani who has received a PhD in mathematics. He was a well-known scientist in the field of theory of functions with real and complex variables. His papers were co-authored with M.V.Keldysh, A.O.Gelfond in the field of approximation of functions, interpolation theory, theory of entire functions, completeness of function systems contributed on on world mathematical science. The presentation of the report at the International Conference devoted to acad. S.N.Bernstein’s memory was entrusted to Ibrahim Ibrahimov, which was an indication of his authority. In 1959 Ibrahim Ibrahimov was elected a corresponding member, in 1968 academician of the Academy of Sciences. In various years acad. Ibrahim Ibrahimov was a head of chair at Azerbaijan State University and Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University. From 1958 till the end of his life he worked in various positions at IMM ANAS (in 1959-1963 director). He has supervised over 40 PhD dissertations, 6 doctor’s degree dissertations. He has authored over 170 scientific works including 3 monographs and 5 textbooks.