Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics
The institute of Mathematics and Mechanics was created in May 1959 and the main goal of its creation was to serve to development of mathematical and mechanical sciences in our country. The main basis of the institute was the mathematical sector of Institute of Physics and Mathematics created in 1945. At that time as in subsequent years collaborators of Azerbaijan State University and Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute have worked at the Institute of Physics and Mathematics as half-timers and scientific investigations have been carried out in traditional directions of the Republic.

At present the staff of IMM consists of 222 persons, including 39 doctors of sciences in mathematics, 68 philosophy doctors in mathematics, 21 persons without scientific degree.
Total number of research associates – 128. Number of departments engaged in scientific activity – 14, number of technical departments – 1, other departments – 7.
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